Sunday thoughts – January 16th 2010

My children are trying to build a zip-line in the house.

They just asked me to tell them how to do it and I spent a few minutes explaining why they need stronger rope, something to secure it with etc etc. In short I told the exactly why it wasn’t possible given the tools we have.

Barely had I finished imparting my wisdom than my daughter said “Maybe we just need…”

I could have argued, I could have reiterated what I had just told them, I could have told them it was pointless to even try but no, this was a bigger moment than that.

This was the moment where my children’s ingenuity and God given talents entered their training ground. This was the moment where I could either squelch their creativity or encourage it.

This was a crucial moment and I wasn’t going to ruin it.

Sometimes we need to think this way more in the Church.

All too often we fail to encourage each other to use our God-given gifts and instead crush creativity and innovation because of our own past failures.

‘Church’ will continue to be about the seminary taught leaders as long as those leaders restrict and crush the ideas and creative spirits of those they lead.

Let’s allow people to learn by their mistakes, to experience failure and encourage them to use it to fuel innovation and future success.

Let’s release the Church to be who God created them to be!