Faith in the workplace – by Nancy Rosback

Being a blogger/tweeter you meet the most interesting people and Nancy Rosback aka @poemsandprayers aka the writer of Just Say The Word is one of them.

Nancy has been a great encouragement to me and I am very glad that she has written a guest post for me.

I’ll let Nancy take it from here:

since i am writing a post for peter’s blog, and peter is a preacher. i thought i might be fun to talk about preachers.

not that i know a whole lot about them, but, i have wondered what it would be like to be a preacher in a church.
i would think that different churches would make the job different, and yet there must be things that all preachers can relate to.

i can just imagine what the talk would be like with a few preachers sitting around a table having lunch in a conference room. commiserating with one another over coffee and dessert about the funeral one has to speak at, while another is talking about all the june weddings coming up. on the other side of the table there would be the sports talk of the season.

but, really, i wonder about the job. having one’s faith and job be the so intertwined. the expectations of so many different people being tied with my faith beliefs. i just can not help but be curious how this is actually done. for one, preachers can’t just get up every sunday and take in a sermon. though, i would think that they might like to. but, noooo! they get up and do the sermon and then have meetings after that. they are expected to talk about their job at any time in any place, and expected to be a walking talking faith machine. nobody is like that. it reminds me of how comedians are expected to always be funny. anyway, that is what i imagine it might be like.

i know that at high calling blogs, they talk about faith or spirituality in the workplace. but, with being a preacher, that is probably not an issue. yet, maybe it is, maybe it is just like any other job when it comes to faith and spirituality….maybe even harder.