One Word at a Time Blog Carnival – Patience

Visit Bridget Chumbley’s site to read all the amazing entries into this week’s carnival, I thoroughly recommend it.

Here’s my offering:

patienceToday’s carnival topic is: Patience.

I could tell you lots of stories about patience that my wife has told me. She’s a nurse, so she sees patience all the time.

Oh, wait, that’s┬ápatienTS not patienCE…..

That’s harder then….

They say patience is a virtue. By that reckoning I’m not very virtuous.

I’m pretty good at being patient with people outside of my immediate family, but with my wife and kids, I think my patience ran out a day or so after my first daughter was born – and has never returned!

That’s something I am incredibly ashamed about.

I’m sure God has me at home looking after my kids all day as a way of teaching me patience but I’m obviously a VERY slow learner!

One day I may actually know something about patience and so I’ll write about it from a position of understanding.

Right now though, I know I have patience away from my family but not WITH them – so I can’t profess to know or understand anything about the subject.

I wish I did. For my family’s sake and mine.

Patience is DEFINITELY something I need to learn!