It's Only a Matter of Time

If you’re a regular reader of my blog/twitter/facebook, you may have seen that I’ve launched a new website/blog (

That site is all about my family’s efforts to find ways in which we can help others.

It’s easy to feel like you have nothing to give because after you’ve paid all the bills, you have nothing left over to give away so we’re on a journey to find out together how we can give and how we can show God’s love to the world.

We also hope that through what we learn and through what we share on the website, we can inspire others to never feel that they have nothing to give.

Check out the site to find out what we’re doing and keep up to date with what we learn and achieve.

Many people have commented that this shows that I’m moving in the right direction and getting my life back together after realizing that I’m Not OK.

That may be true, I’m not sure, but what I AM sure about is that I’m in no way out of the woods yet. I feel like I can start doing things again and then it all gets too much for me and I collapse back to where I started from.

At the moment, things are stacking up and it feels like it’s only a matter of time before I fall apart again.

Last week I started getting really stressed again and the constant tiredness returned.

I still haven’t been able to really reconnect with blogs and twitter and am very flaky.

It feels like the hourglass has been turned up and the time is running away fast. Today I’m moving forward and getting things done but I live with an ax hanging over me ready to fall at any moment.

I’m still not OK.