Stepping out without looking

Let’s be honest. You and I spend a lot of time thinking things through. In fact, we probably spend too much time thinking things through sometimes, don’t we?

A constant refrain coming from my mouth whenever my children are around is, “What were you thinking? Why would you do that?”

Then I get frustrated when the answer is, as it invariably is, “I don’t know!”

I spend a lot of time trying to teach my children to think about their actions and the possible outcomes of what they are going to do.

We all do, don’t we? We want to make sure that they don’t step out without looking, without thinking and get mown down, either physically or figuratively.

It’s wise to think things through, to not act rashly but to ensure that you know exactly where you’re going and how safe it is before you go anywhere.


Unfortunately, this attitude all too often keeps us from reaching our true potential – and from realizing our goals and our callings.

Sometimes you have to set aside everything you’ve learned about forward planning, risk assessments and cost analysis’ and throw caution to the wind and just step out, in faith.

One of my hero’s George Mueller lived a life which exemplified this faith-filled, logic defying paradigm, I thoroughly recommend that you read his autobiography. It’s eye opening the things that he achieved in God’s strength because he was prepared to step out in faith rather than miss his opportunity because he was second-guessing God.

Of course, I’m not suggesting here that you jump at any flights of fancy your daydreaming mind might conjure up but rather I’m suggesting that we need to listen to God more often and be bold enough to do what he tells us.

We’re stepping out and doing what God has told us in our latest project (read about it here) and, frankly, it’s scary. It’s pushing us way beyond our normal limits, way out of our comfort zone – and promises to continue doing so.

What I realized though was that I’d much rather step outside of my comfort zone than tell the creator or the universe “No” or “That’ll never work” or “Sure… just give me a couple of years to prepare myself, you’ve come at a bit of a bad time”.

I want to encourage you today to be bold, be courageous, actually trust God and step out and do what He’s calling you to do despite how ‘logical’ or ‘wise’ your human mind might think it is.

A good way to start might be to prayerfully take the Faith Barista’s ‘What if’ challenge.

Then let me know what awesome things God is doing in your newly unrestrained walk with him!