Sunday Thoughts – April 11, 2010

Now is The Time

The tragic plane crash yesterday involving many of Poland’s top government officials reminded me of how short life is – and how fragile.

Not only is life short and fragile but along with that, so are our plans.

The Polish president along with the leaders of all branches of the Polish military and many other influential and important Polish leaders were all killed simultaneously in the terrible accident – and along with them went their plans and dreams.

Everything they were working for and pushing toward could change now. New people will be appointed to their positions, people with their own plans and dreams and quite possibly everything that those 80-something passengers were working toward could go by the way side.


Toyota have experienced the fragility of our plans in the last year too. After finally becoming the worlds largest car manufacturer, the car maker suffered the financial loss and public image nightmare of having to do a world-wide recall on many of its models to fix faults that had been found.

Apart from just costing the company millions, if not billions of dollars, Toyota’s image as the producer of the most reliable vehicles has been tarnished, possibly permanently. In one fell swoop, seventy years of working hard to produce the most reliable vehicles in the world takes a significant setback.

All those plans, all that hard work, ruined by an accelerator and a floor mat.

Do Not Miss Your Chance

The song “Lose Yourself” by Eminem has been going around and around in my head, particularly the line:

“You only get one shot, do not miss your chance.”

The truth of that statement was really brought  home to me by the deaths yesterday.

You never know when your time here on Earth will end, you never know when your one shot will be over, when your last chance to make a difference will come. Those Polish government officials didn’t know that their one shot was going to be over yesterday and now, sadly, they’ll never get another chance. Toyota didn’t know that everything they had worked so hard for could be damaged so quickly and easily and who knows, they might never fully recover from this.

My One Shot

So I’m not going to miss this opportunity, I may never type another word, only God knows whether I will or not, so I’m going to take this one shot and not miss my chance:

I’m not going to try to give an argument for the existence of God or for the truth of what Jesus did for us on the cross at Calvary. I’ll leave that up to the Holy Spirit right now.

You either believe it or you don’t.

What I want to exhort you to do though is to take the truth you know seriously.

Too many people walk around ‘believing’ what the bible says, knowing it to be true but holding back, they don’t want to give themselves over to it’s truth just yet, thinking there will always be another day.

Another day is here. Another time, another opportunity… it’s right here, right now. You may not get another chance, you may not get another opportunity.

Don’t miss your chance.

If you know that Jesus Christ died to save you, if you know that you have sinned in your life and that those sins will keep you from an eternity in paradise, I implore you, TAKE THIS CHANCE.

God can hear you right where you are, he’s listening to your heart, just admit your sin, accept his forgiveness and start living your life anew.

It’s not too late right now… just don’t wait until it is.