Tech Tuesday – Your Questions Answered Part 1

I have been completely blanking on the whole subject of blog topics recently. I’ve just had no inspiration whatsoever. So for today’s Tech Tuesday post I decided to ask people what they’d like me to write on.

I had a few responses and I’m going to try to deal with the first three of them in this post.

1. Facebook Share Button

The first question I was asked was how to add a facebook share button to a website (like this one: )

The answer is fairly easy.

  1. Visit the Facebook Share Button page here:
  2. Use the controls on the page to customize the button to look the way you want it
  3. Select and copy the code that it creates for you.
  4. Decide where on your page you want the button displayed and paste the code into the correct place in the correct file.


If you’re smart and use WordPress, then simply:

  1. Go to your admin area and click on Plugins then Add New
  2. On the page that comes up, search for Facebook Share Button
  3. Select the one you like the look of most from the list and click on ‘Install‘ to the right of the screen.
  4. When prompted, activate the new plugin and then configure its settings to make it look the way you want it to. (It will probably appear in the Settings menu in your WP admin area)

I installed the Simple Facebook Share Button plugin and it seems to work like a charm!

Of course, if all that seems a little beyond you, just ask and someone will be more than happy to help!

2. Pandora

The second suggestion I was given was to talk about the incredible internet radio site

Pandora needs very little introduction, visiting the site instantly shows you everything you need  to know but basically: generates a custom music playlist for you based on what you feel like listening to at that moment.

For example. Let’s say you want to listen to some rock music, you simply give it the name of your favorite artist (let’s say it’s QUEEN) and Pandora will create a ‘radio station’ which exclusively plays songs by Queen and other artists whose musical sound and style is similar.

Or maybe you want some romantic songs to play in the background while you share an evening in with your spouse. Simply give Pandora the name of your favorite crooner or love song and it will happily sit and serenade the two of you all night, if you so desire.

What’s more, when you register for a free account, you can create these playlists or ‘stations’, save them and access them anywhere you have an internet connection. At home, at work, through your phone – anywhere.

Try it out, they have a HUGE selection of musical styles, genres and artists and probably have something for EVERY taste!

Visit here.

3. Screen Saver

Finally, I was asked “How do I keep blog post from hanging in the “save draft” mode and not hit the screen with a mallet.”

There’s an easy solution to this, which I learned through many years as a computer technician:

  • Before sitting down to do anything on your computer, remove all mallets, axes, shoes, guns, hammers, flails, and loose bricks from your house, thus removing the possibility of hitting your screen with any such destructive objects.

Or maybe just buy a Mac, I hear that the level of domestic violence against Macs is lower than that against PC’s by a factor of around a billion.

Don’t take my word for it, I’ve never used one, I’ve only heard.


If you have a techy question you’d like answered or have a suggestion for a Tech Tuesday topic, please feel free to tell me about it in the comments section below.

Also, if buying a Mac saved your sanity, please (briefly) tell us your story so I can use it to try to convince my wife to let me buy a MacBook Pro!