What Does Your Community Need?

Yesterday, I asked you for prayer about the visit we were due to have from a local newspaper reporter.

The reporter came and the visit (I think) went extremely well.

We are starting a new project where we aim to find out what our community sees as its greatest needs.

What can the Church do for our community?

The newspaper have agreed to help us find out by asking local residents to write in and tell us what they would like to see done in their communities.

Read about it on my latest post at NothingToGive.Com

Could you please continue to pray that:

  1. The reporter (Victoria) writes a great article
  2. Her Editor likes the article and doesn’t change his/her mind about running it
  3. We get a lot of responses and know how to deal with them and respond.

We’re hoping that we’ll be so inundated with responses that we’ll have to call on other local churches to help us respond and meet the needs that are shared with us – and that they’ll respond by just loving our city and joining with us in showing God’s love by action!

This whole thing is quite scary for us, we could be overwhelmed with requests, ideas and suggestions but we believe that this is what God is calling us to do, so we’re doing it – no matter where it may lead!