Fighting a Losing Battle

Yeah, so I may be procrastinating but at least I’m trying to procrastinate creatively.

This is my first attempt at poetry in many, many years. I’m not a poet and know none of the rules of poetry but doing something which vaguely resembles poetry seemed like a good way to express how I’m feeling.

Please, if you love poetry, don’t try to read it as that because its complete lack of any kind of structure or, in fact, skill by the writer will most probably injure you. It’s just a way for me to get my feelings out.

Fighting a Losing Battle

I’m fighting a losing battle against the sands of time

I try to grasp, to grip, to hold

but the sand keeps moving, flowing, tumbling

heedless to my fight.


Ninety-six hours I was given by my family going away

Ninety six to work, relax, recover

but instead, the desperation is rising

Time is slipping away.


The seconds, minutes and hours pound their beat in my head

unrelenting, unforgiving and never slowing

They taunt me, laugh at me, mock me

in never-failing rhythm


I feel the sands running over me, sliding down and down

forty eight hours already gone forever

every moment a step closer

and time just laughs


I’m fighting a losing battle against the sands of time

it’s a battle no man can ever win

I cannt halt the inevitable

the battle belongs to time