Grace – One Word at a Time Blog Carnival

I am TERRIBLE at accepting compliments. Really, really terrible.

I think the reason for my terribleness is that I don’t ever think I ever achieve anything good.


I’m trying to learn to be gracious in accepting compliments but it’s a slow process.

Someone once told me that the definition of mercy is not getting what you deserve and the definition of grace is getting what you DON’T deserve.

So being gracious in accepting a compliment surely means to humbly accept the praise even though you don’t deserve it.

That’s pretty tough for me and I’m wrestling with it hard!

It occurs to me though that however difficult it is for me to accept something as small as a compliment I think I don’t deserve, how much harder is it for God to give us grace, to give us what we don’t deserve?

I’m sure that some people will argue that nothing is too difficult for God and I know that’s true, but he is a real person, someone with feelings, someone who we hurt again and again with out rejection of him and our sin.

I think those things hurt him more than we can ever know yet he still finds it within himself to extend grace and mercy to us.

It truly is, Amazing Grace.

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