Sunday Thoughts – 23 May 2010

I’m beginning to enjoy baking in a whole new way.

You may remember my post a couple of weeks ago about about misinterpretations where I shared that my Apple Shortbread recipe instructed me to ‘chill’ for ten minutes.

Today I baked a Viennese jam tart (pictured), which I haven’t attempted for a couple of years but is one of my favorites.

For my English readers, it’s a little like a Bakewell tart without the almonds, but for the rest of you, just accept that it’s really very tasty.

I was working my way through the recipe and yes, there it was, an instruction I didn’t understand but followed to the letter:

“Relax in a cool place for 30 minutes…”

Seriously, I’m not making this stuff up.

What’s more, the sentence ends:

“…before rolling.”


If you’d been at my house this afternoon, you may have heard conversations something like this:

“Honey, can you come help me with this for a moment?”

“Sorry baby, I’m in the middle of baking a tart right now.”

“You’ve been doing that for a long time.”

“I know, I’ll be done soon.”

“Why are you in the pantry?”

“Because it’s cool in here. It’s part of the recipe!”

“Ummm…. never mind, honey.”

and then, some time later…

“Honey, why are you rolling around on the floor?”

“The recipe says to.”

“Really? I think it’s probably referring to the dough you made, it probably wants you to roll that out.”

“OH! I see. That makes more sense!…. I still don’t get why I had to sit in the pantry for half an hour though.”

I wonder what delights next week’s recipe will bring?