Is it Worse or Just Different?

I’ve had my iPhone for about 6 weeks now – and it’s taken about that long for it to grow on me.

I was really quite hesitant about buying it in the first place, I have never really liked using my friend’s iPod touch’s or iPhones but there were some distinct advantages for me in getting an internet connected phone and the iPhone seemed to offer the most advantages.

There are things I love about it and things I don’t like too much – but most of the things I don’t like are not because they’re necessarily bad but just different from what I’m used to.

What I Love:

  • I LOVE using Pandora (the self-generated radio app) on it. I connect the phone to my home wifi connection and when I go out for a walk listening to Pandora, there is never anyย noticeable switch between the phone using my wifi and switching to cellular data. It’s really quite seamless. I’m impressed with it every time.
  • I LOVE playing Words With Friends against my friends, family and some total strangers. WWF was one of the big selling points for me when picking the phone.
  • I LOVE the quality of the camera. Just to show you what it’s like, I took some video of our local fourth of July fireworks show. Check it out here: iPhone4 Fireworks!
  • I LOVE video chatting with friends… oh, wait, I don’t know anyone who owns one so I can’t do that yet.
  • I LOVE visual voicemail. It totally rocks!

and that’s about it.

Here’s what I DON’T love about it though.

  • I don’t love the ‘multitasking’. But that’s mainly because most of the apps I use don’t yet support multi-taking.
  • I don’t love the way the interface works, the way you navigate.
  • I don’t love not having a ‘right click’ mouse button.
  • I don’t love how it manages to slide off of even seemingly flat surfaces.

What I’ve noticed though, if I’m really honest is that the things I don’t love are not necessarily BAD, they’re just different.

I’m so used to Microsoft products and the way they work that I’m pretty much programmed to think that anything different is bad.

At first I was convinced that the way you navigated from one app to another on the iPhone was a much worse system than how it’s done on Windows phones… but now, as I’m getting more and more comfortable with my iPhone and am getting used to how the operating system works, it’s not all that bad at all.

Makes me wonder what else in life I dismiss as bad just because ย it’s different than what I’m used to?