When You Get Creative, It Multiplies

When you find creative ways to help others, very often that creative drive multiplies. Creativity is infectious – as is being willing to help

I didn’t mean to turn this ‘creative ways to help’ thing into a series but that’s what it has become and I’ll keep running with it.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve posted about the creative way that Michael Hyatt is helping a friend without costing himself a penny and the amazing Twitter auction idea that Shaun King had which is helping celebrities raise money for Haiti without costing them any money and virtually no time.

Today I want to highlight how Shaun’s creative idea has led the celebrities to add their own creative spin on the auction.

To briefly recap, TwitChange.com is an auction where you can bid on the chance to have your favorite celebrity follow you on Twitter and retweet one of your tweets.

Celebrities signed up in droves but some of them got their creative juices flowing and wondered what else they could add to the package to encourage people to bid more.

Here’s some of the things they came up with:

  • Alyson Hannigan pledged to also call the winner of her auction.
  • Dana White pledged to call the winner of his auction, PLUS let them sit next to him at a UFC fight AND pay for their flight and room!! (he’s the boss-man of the UFC)
  • Ken Paves pledged to call the winner to discuss hair plus give them a free haircut if they go to LA.
  • Michelle Branch promised to make a personalized video for the winner of her singing a song of their choice
  • Michael Strahan will send the winner a signed jersey and football.
  • …. and the list goes on

As you can see, most of them are doing something which will cost them little or no money and are based on what they are famous for.

Had it not been for the auction, they would never have come up with these ideas though.

By putting his mind to work and coming up with one idea, Shaun King encouraged and inspired people to come up with many other ideas.

YOU can be a catalyst like Shaun too. Your creativity WILL inspire others.

Go get creative!