Christmas Letters – C

I’ve been inspired today by Molly Campbell.

Molly wrote a very funny parody of the traditional ‘Christmas Letter‘ which many people send to their friends and family giving an update on what has happened in their lives in the last year.

My twisted little brain got hold of the idea and of doing something along the Christmas letters line and, of course, the first thing I came up with when thinking about Christmas letters is exactly that – the letters C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S.

Conveniently, there are nine letters in the word Christmas and nine days until Christmas day… So I’m going to (try to) write a post based on one letter a day.

Today’s letter, naturally, is C.

C is for Customers (or Clients if you want to sound a little posher)

This year I started a new arm to my business,, which is aimed, shockingly, at people wanting to start a new blog or transfer their blog to a cheaper and awesomer host.

We have been incredibly blessed with a whole host of wonderful, generous and sharing clients who have transferred their blogs to us or started completely new ones with us in the nine months since the service was launched. I’d like to highlight just a few of them in thanks for their business and for promoting my service to others.

These are in no particular order, other than that the ones who hound me most might come to mind first 🙂

KATDISH.NET – If you don’t know Katdish, you really should. She’s funny, friendly, outspoken and one of my biggest cheerleaders. You’ll (probably) love her blog and rarely regret following her on Twitter.

MOLLYDCAMPBELL.COMMolly is a hilarious blogger and my one wish is that she had the time to write more. Molly and I worked together on her site design and she has been co-captain of my cheer-leading squad ever since. Definitely a blog to add to your weekly reading list!

TREYMORGAN.NETTrey is one of my favorite pastors and has an awesome Texas accent which really doesn’t match with the way he looks. He’s an inspiration to me in so many ways, not least in his amazing heart for the poor.

THEPERKINSBLOG.NETMichael Perkins is one of those guys who just instantly feels like a long-time friend. I love Michael’s blog and am very grateful that he tells his friends to host with me. Micheal is a TOP guy!

DUANE-SCOTT.NETDuane is an awesome young man who I hope to remain friends with for many years to come and I’m excited to see what awesome things he does with his life.

SANDRAHESKAKING.COMSandra is a great writer and a great client to work with. I had fun helping her design her blog theme and really enjoy reading her posts.

STEELETHEDAY.COMCandy Steele wisely used Nick The Geek to design her blog, which looks incredible. Candy is old enough to be my sister and is a great friend, encourager and supporter.

I have many other wonderful clients and if you’re one of them and I haven’t named you here, please don’t take it personally, I’m thankful and grateful for you all!

Tomorrow’s post is on the letter ‘H’. Hopefully I’ll Have some Hinspiration by then as to what to write. Come back in the morning and find out!