Christmas Letters – T

Today’s Christmas Letters is T – yes, we’re on the home stretch now. Just M, A and S to go.

This post was going to be about Themes. WordPress themes to be precise, and I was going to make a cool little video showing you some neat tricks for working with themes.

However, while this year I’ve learned a lot about WordPress themes, TIME has been a much bigger issue for me.

T is for Time

I am TERRIBLE at time management. Living with a wife who works irregular shifts, two kids in school with days off seemingly every week and a two year old at home who thinks a nap schedule is something for old people so she’d rather play it by ear is not conducive to good time management for the best of us, let alone a world-class procrastinator like me.

Time has been a real problem for me for probably the last two years if for no other reason than I feel time slipping away and I’m heading toward my 40’s having accomplished very little.

I cut back on just about everything this year and have been slowly rebuilding what I do and how I invest my time but still, after more than a decade of being self-employed I have difficulty with the concept that my time is valuable, financially speaking.

I’m trying much harder now to allow myself to place value on my time and charge people for the work I do but it’s hard finding a balance between helping people, offering a great service and charging for work I do.

My whole business is designed around me being willing to do what most other web hosts are not willing to do  – which is to offer assistance and support for people building their websites, particularly if they use WordPress.

The question is though, where do you draw the line between helping out ‘because it’s all part of the service’ and charging for the assistance I give.

I’m starting to find that balance, but it’s hard, especially since I find it hard to see what I do as worth charging for.

I’m getting there though and people seem to think that $25 an hour is reasonable for my services… I’m just trying not to take on too much and get overwhelmed by a lack of….