The One Word at a Time Blog Carnival Returns

It has been a long time gone and a long time coming but after over a year, the One Word at a Time Blog Carnival is returning to my blog tomorrow (Tuesday, 14th December 2010).

November 30th, 2009 was the last time I hosted it – which was before I even changed to, so in a way, this is actually going to be the first time it has been at this blog.

Bridget Chumbley and I started the carnival way back on October 5th 2009 and, in that December, she took over the running of it full time when I want on something of a sabbatical.

It is now Bridget’s turn to withdraw from the blogging spotlight for a season at least and it has come at a time when I am just trying to get back into blogging so it seemed right that I should pick up the reins from her again.


I’d like to thank Bridget for all of her hard work and her dedication. The carnival has thrived under her leadership and I know many people love joining in and I’m sure will share my gratitude to her for the great job she has done.

Looking Forward

Of course, my role in this is minimal. I am simply providing a home for the carnival (and will enter a post myself). The carnival happens all over the web though and so, on carnival days, although you will need to come here to find where all of the carnival entries are, a carnival is more about the diversity and talents of the writers who enter and the words they are given by God to write.

We need to decide on new topics. Tomorrow’s word is ‘Rejoice’ and the word for December 28th is ‘Reflection’ but after that, we have no words scheduled.

My request today therefore is two-fold:

  1. Please join us in the carnival tomorrow. All you need to do to enter is write a blog post on the topic of ‘rejoice’. Whatever that word says to you, whatever it makes you think of, there are no rules other than to take the word ‘rejoice’ as your starting point. A post will go live here at around 8PM PST tonight with a fancy widget thingy which will allow you to share a link to your post and all of the participants (including you) can share their link so that everyone can find all of the carnival posts (did that make sense?)
  2. If you have any ideas for words we could use as the topics for future carnivals, please send them to me in the form of a comment below. The carnival is for and about everyone so I want you all to have an equal voice in deciding what the next topics should be.

Thank you, I look forward to your responses and to seeing you back here tomorrow for the CARNIVAL!!!