There’s Something Wrong With This Picture

Warning! There is a graphic image of the effects of a foot disease in this blog post. DO NOT read this post if you are at all squeamish.

These are the shoes I found in our house tonight when I was thinking about this blog post.

31 pairs of shoes, for a family of five…. and that doesn’t include slippers, water socks and cleats.

The picture below is of the feet of a man with ‘Mossy Foot‘ (also known as Podoconiosis – or Podo for short)

Nobody has yet quite worked out exactly what causes Mossy Foot but they do know that it only affects people who walk around on red-clay soil without shoes on.

In other words, the man in the image above would have a normal foot if he just had even one pair of shoes to wear.

31 pairs of shoes for five people in my house / No shoes and a debilitating disease because of it for many people in Africa.

There’s something wrong with this picture.