The History and Future of the One Word at a Time Blog Carnival

Bridget Chumbley’s blog is called One Word at a Time. Every post she writes is on the theme of one word.

One day, in 2009, I was reading her blog and suddenly thought that it would be great if lots of people wrote on the same word on the same day to see what we would all come up with.

I suggested it to her and she thought it was a great idea…. that’s when I found out that the idea was called a blog carnival. Read the story here

We started the carnival on October 16th 2009 and instantly got a great response from our friends online. The word for the first week was obedience and we had twenty two people join us:

1. Glynn
2. Ginny @ makeadiff21
3. Sarah @ Living Between The Lines
4. Sarah of Sarah Bee
5. Anne Lang Bundy
6. Helen
7. Bridget Chumbley
9. Chrystie
10. Jaime
11. katdish
12. Billy Coffey
13. Fatha Frank
14. Steph @Red Clay Diaries
15. Kevin M. @Shooting the Breeze
16. Faith Barista Bonnie
17. Maureen
18. jojoagot
19. n Anc Y
20. Jason S @br8kthru
21. Bridget Chumbley
22. Melinda Lancaster

We rotated hosting the carnival between our two blogs for a while, but it wasn’t long after that first carnival that I had a bit of a mental meltdown and Bridget took over the running of the carnival completely.

As you probably know, Bridget and I have switched places somewhat and she has withdrawn for a while. So once again I have taken over the reins.

Here’s where we are:

  • The carnival is currently every other Tuesday and attracts between thirty and forty entries.
  • We have a facebook group with seventy five members and a facebook club with 117 people ‘liking’ it.
  • We have a list of words that will keep us going for a few months – and more words are easy to come up with

What I’m trying to do though is find ways to improve the carnival for everyone to keep it going strong.

The carnival is an excellent way to share and learn from each other and is a great way for people to join the community.

What bothers me though is that with so many entries and just a list of titles to choose from, it’s hard to pick articles to read and the later entries probably don’t get many views.

I’ve been trying to come up with solutions for this and would love your input. All ideas are welcome!

One idea I had was to create a newspaper which will come out the day after the carnival. I did a test, example paper here: Blog Carnival Paper

The thing is, the paper has to know how to find the links, so I created a hashtag (#owaat)

(If your link isn’t in this edition, that’s because it was 1am and I was just throwing a few links in to see what it would be like)

I love the format of the paper but the problem is, not everyone uses twitter so not all of the links will get on there.

I love the way that the carnival shows us the creative talents and different perspectives of so many people. I think that’s really important and can really help us see and validate our diversity.

What I’m really concerned about though is ensuring that everyone gets an equal piece of the pie, everyone gets the benefit of others visiting their blogs and reading their words.

If you start at the top of the list, by the time you’ve got through the first ten or so blogs, you’re out of time and ready to do something else.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the lower down the list you go, the less comments there are.

We need to do something to share the love more evenly.

What do you think we can do?