Anything but the Superbowl

Some of us, here in America will be watching the Super Bowl today.

Yeah, I’m one of them… I love the spectacle of it and I don’t have any particular team affiliation so I just get to enjoy the skills of both teams.

Many of my readers though are not Football fans and can’t stand the Super Bowl except for the fact it signals the end of football season for a few brief months.

(Good news for those people here, the NFL looks headed for a lockout next season, which means that there will be no football games being watched in your house for a whole year!)

The people who are going to be watching the game today probably won’t have time to be reading silly blog posts like this so today’s post is for all of you who are finding things to do to avoid being near a TV.

First, a few amusing videos for you to watch:

The best part of the Super Bowl some years are the commercials, so you can skip the boring football stuff and check out the ads here:

Now, the weather in the Dallas area is not as good as they expected at the moment. Snow and Ice have closed roads, cancelled flights and generally cause travel havoc.

Despite all of that, thousands of people will be risking their lives today to make it to the game.

Why? I hear you ask.

(actually, I didn’t hear you ask that, but I’m pretending like I did)

I’ll tell you why… it’s because they want to be able to say they were there. It’s an experience they are willing to risk life and limb to be there for.

Some things you just can’t miss. They bring such joy and happiness and wonderful memories.

The Super Bowl is one, but there are many others. For example you can’t miss:

  • The births of your children
  • Your own wedding day
  • The first time your son hits the curb with his bike and flies over the handlebars only to find as he crashes down on the sidewalk that he forgot to let go of the bike and it follows him, crashing down on top of him.

Oh, happy days!

So what I’d like to do today is ask you to engage your brain and tell me:

What are your ‘can’t miss’ experiences?