Extra Giveaway Entries for Facebook Users

Our Great No More Blogger Giveaway is still going on.

  • You can enter by leaving a comment here or here (or both)
  • You can get an addition entry by tweeting about it using the hashtag #nomoreblogger (and you can do that once a day)
  • You can get an additional entry by visiting digital disciples and doing this.
  • You can get another entry by writing a poem
  • You can get FIVE more entries by writing about why you want a new blog

We’re trying to make it so that everyone who doesn’t use WordPress or who doesn’t even blog yet can get more chances to win.

Today, therefore, I’m giving Facebook users a chance to gain an additional entry.

Here’s how:

I don’t know how to monitor facebook shares and I don’t want to miss anyone’s post, so here’s the process.

  1. Go to your Facebook account and add me as a friend (if we aren’t friends already)
  2. Then post a status update of “I’ve entered to win Peter Pollock ‘s blog giveaway competition. You can enter too, just visit his site here: http://peterpollock.com/2011/02/the-great-no-more-blogger-giveaway/” Or something similar.
  3. Here’s the thing though, when you type the update, you MUST type my name starting with an @ sign – and then select my name from the drop down list that Facebook pops up. If you DON’T do that, Facebook will not notify me that you’ve written it and so you won’t get your bonus entry into the draw.

Have fun.

I know some of you are really eager to win, so every extra entry counts!