Follow Friday #3

Today for Follow Friday, we have three ladies who I’ve met in the past week or two whose blogs I really like and most of whom have recently transferred from Blogger.

That last part is relevant because we’re just a couple of days from announcing the winners of our Great No More Blogger Giveaway and so I want to give you another chance for some bonus entries.

More about that at the end of the post.

Here are some of my new online friends:

SisterLisa – @thehomespunlife who blogs here, here and here

Buky (@bukyoj) who blogs here.

Lynnette Kraft (@DancingAgain) who blogs here.

I’m also going to give an honorable mention to Katdish (@katdish) who has a beautiful blog and is the real driving force behind this giveaway. It’s her giveaway really, I just jumped on the bandwagon.

Which segue’s nicely into how you can gain TWO additional entries into the giveaway…

All of these bloggers have their own unique designs on the WordPress blog. You’ll get two free entries if you comment on this post and tell me what sort of design/’theme’ you would try to achieve if you won WordPress hosting in this giveaway.