The Great ‘No More Blogger’ Giveaway

Katdish and I are not fans of the blogging system.

She and I have some choice words to say about blogger but I’ll be very British and reserved and just say I’m not a fan.

Blogger is great when you’re starting out blogging, it really is.

The problem is, it has its limitations, quirks and annoyances and at some point it’s time for blogs to grow up and move on to better… MUCH better things.

Yes, I’m talking about WordPress.

In response to our feelings about blogger, we have decided to run a joint giveaway.

I run a website/blog hosting business ( and a blog design service too. Katdish is BRILLIANT at the aesthetics of blog design and knowing what will work and what won’t. So together:

We’re giving away a year of free self-hosted wordpress blogging! Including site design by Katdish and me for one lucky winner.

We have three prizes to give away:

3rd prize – One year of free blog hosting + a standard license for Standard Theme

2nd place prize: One year of free blog hosting, a domain name (.com or .net) and a standard licence for Standard Theme

1st place prize: One year of free blog hosting, a domain name (.com or .net), a standard licence for Standard Theme plus site design by @Katdish and Peter Pollock

Total value of all prizes: $775

  • Entry is easy. Simply leave a comment on this blog post and/or on the one at Katdish’s site and you get one entry into the prize draw.
  • Get an extra entry every day by tweeting about this giveaway and adding the hashtag #nomoreblogger
  • You can also gain additional entries for the next ten days by visiting our sites and checking for our daily entry opportunities.

All entries will be numbered. At 12:01 CST on February 28, 2011, we will close entries and use the random number generator to pick our three winners.

The giveaway is not just open to blogger users. Anyone who wants an awesome new WordPress blog can enter!

If you don’t need blog hosting, you can still enter and then give the hosting to a friend, if you win.

If you’re already a customer of New Blog Hosting and you win, we’ll add a year to your renewal date!

Standard Theme

You may have noticed there that we’re giving away a copy of Standard Theme with each prize.

That’s because the very awesome John Saddington (Twitter | Tentblogger | Landing Page) has kindly donated three standard licences for this theme which was recently listed as one of the top eight Premium WordPress Themes.

Enter today and in two week’s time, you could be the proud owner of a new self-hosted, totally fabulous WordPress blog!

About PeterP

I am a blogger, author, stay at home dad, speaker, web hosting trainer and geek (I was so excited to get an iPad that I actually made up a song and dance about it). I am English by birth, but currently live in California with my wife and our three children. I ran a web hosting business for nine years and found that many, if not most of my clients had never learned how to use any of the functions associated with hosting so I wrote a book to try and teach just those skills. I must admit to having fallen in love with WordPress (possibly a little TOO much) and I honestly find it hard to understand why anyone would use anything different to build a site! WordPress is wonderful! My passion is to help others achieve their goals with their websites/blogs. I believe that, with a little help, anyone can have an awesome site.

41 thoughts on “The Great ‘No More Blogger’ Giveaway”

  1. Dustin says:

    What a great idea, Peter. This is a fantastic giveaway!

  2. Kirsten says:

    limits, quirks, annoyances?? Yes, yes, and YES!!! I too shall be veddy veddy British and hold my tongue.

    Ready to make the switch – would LOVE to win!

  3. Ryan Tate says:

    You know I’m in on this one. Sign me up baby!

    1. Michael says:

      I’m praying that you and Glynn Young win.

      1. Ryan Tate says:

        Ha! Thanks Perkins.

  4. Cathy says:

    Michael, please start praying that I win. Thnx.

    Peter, I will not attempt to unduly influence you by asking you to go to my site and look at how pathetic I am at all this.

    No, I will not do that.

  5. HisFireFly says:

    I am indeed quite weary of blogger – and also my slow dial-up connection – would love the sense of “newness”

  6. Jason says:

    Peter, it’s great that you would give this to someone. (And Kat too.) Says a lot about your heart. (Don’t enter me in the contest, give it to someone who really needs it.)

  7. I’m in!! Great idea!!

  8. I stick with Blogger because I’m too scared to try anything else. ha. But I’ll get brave and sign up for your give-away. Thanks.

  9. Ben says:

    I want to win just so I can give it to a blogger, um, blogger.

  10. Michelle says:

    My husband wants a blog, badly. this is an awesome giveaway. Sign me up. I dislike blogger too. I hate commenting there as well. I don’t want to give you a blood sample just to leave a comment!

  11. Glynn says:

    This sounds like like a kolossal Katdish konspiracy (and an entry in the Katdishionary), with ko-konspirator Peter Pollock. Seriously, I look at almost two years of stuff on Blogger and say, how to switch? Do I have the courage?

    1. Candy says:

      Glynn, if I win, I shall regift it. There you have it.

  12. Thanks for pushing me for all those years to move from Blogger to WordPress. I am loving WordPress!

  13. What fun … a makeover! I’m in.

  14. I like this idea. Been playing around with WordPress but not sure how it all works.

    1. PeterP says:

      Visit to learn all there is to know about WordPress.

      If you have specific questions, drop me an email (using the link at the top of the page) and I’ll help you understand anything you need! (about wordpress, that is:-) )

  15. Peter, congratulations to you and Katdish, you guys are awesome!

  16. Candy says:

    Awesome giveaway, Peter. You guys are awesome. I agree with all the @tentblogger stuff, too. Most of it I’m saving for when I have TIME. Ugh.

  17. Phil says:

    Thanks for thechabce to win this — not yet sure what to do if I won but hoping it’d bring God glory somehow! For those of is who don’t win perhaps is a viable option?

  18. Alise says:

    I’ve been thinking about making the move. One of these days. Thanks for the opportunity to make that day sooner than later!

  19. I’d love to win so I can give this to my bro!

  20. Annie K says:

    There’s life after blogger? Niiice!

  21. Helen says:

    You and Katdish are very generous to be offering this.

  22. Lori says:

    I could always use another blog, and want to move to WordPress, so this is a perfect giveaway for me! Thanks for running it!

  23. Lori says:

    Tweeted! @justpurelovely

  24. This is a great giveaway. I’m currently on blogger and thinking of making the switch! Thanks for offering this prize.

  25. Krista says:

    I’d love to win the giveaway!

  26. Rene Amador Jr. says:

    Ready to win this!

  27. Loni says:

    I’ve thought of contacting you about hosting anyway . . . I’ve been reading your blog quite a bit and would LOVE to win this! Thanks for the opportunity!

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