You Missed Something BIG Today!

You Missed Something Big!

You Missed Something Big!
Today, you missed seeing the intrinsic value in someone and they and you both missed out because of it. Let me explain…

Have you ever heard the names Susan Boyle and Ted Williams?

Both have found incredible fame and have one thing in common: they were ‘discovered’ by someone, late in life, who recognized their value and the gift that they had been blessed with.

It may be that many hundreds or even thousands of people passed them by before that time with no thought to their potential.

Both were, at face value, nothing special but when someone took the time to look past their outward appearance, their special gifts became apparent.

Not Just Voices

Both Susan Boyle and Ted Williams happen to have voices which are quite extraordinary but vocal talents aren’t the only talents around.

EVERYONE has something special about them. We were all ‘fearfully and wonderfully made‘ all ‘made in God’s likeness‘.

We are ALL incredible. It’s not possible to be made by the creator of the universe, in his own image, without being rather special.

Every one of us has intrinsic value because we are the special creations of Almighty God and each of us has value in the gifts that he has given us.

Hard to See

Sometimes, those gifts can be hard to see. Our prejudices, blindness and self-serving natures keep us from being able to look past the visible and into the heart.

As the bible tells us that man ‘looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart‘ and it’s so true.

Every day we all make judgement calls about the people we see and meet based on nothing but what we ‘see’.

We make judgement calls based on the words or actions of some people without every taking the time to get to know and understand them.

We also make judgement calls based on our past experiences with others without even giving people a chance.

… and in doing so, we miss out on more than we could ever know.

You missed an opportunity today. You missed something BIG.

You missed the chance to look past what you think you know and discover the wonder of who someone really is and what their unique gifts are today.

Whether it was the homeless guy you passed on the street, the person sitting next to you on the train, the person in your office whose name you barely even know or whoever it was, you missed a chance today.

What are you missing out on because you’re failing to see the value in someone?

What are they missing out on because their gifts and their intrinsic value continue to be ignored?

Most importantly though… what can you do about it?