and the answer is….

Yesterday, I posted a series of little known facts about myself.

One of those facts was slightly… umm… unfactual.

Which one was it?

(Drumroll, please)

It was…..

#8 – I met my wife online and married her five months after we first ‘met’ through AOL. Our relationship went pretty slow at first because we were both using 14.4K modems. Anyone remember those?

A couple of people correctly guessed that it was #8 but no-one guessed why.

The answer is, we took our courtship slowly but not THAT slowly. We met online on April 13th 1997 and married August 23rd that same year.

So it was a total of 4 months, 10 days not 5 months.

I know, it was a small lie to try to guess but seriously, who’d wait five months? Surely you should have seen the ridiculousness of that!

On Another Note

On a completely unrelated note, I have been using an awesome plugin on this blog called ‘Tweet Old Post”.

The name is a little ambiguous so I’ll tell you that, surprisingly, what it does is randomly tweets links to old posts of yours.

I have it set to do that twice a day and it’s really quite fascinating to me because I have a terrible memory and have no idea what I wrote two days ago, let alone two years ago!

Yesterday it tweeted about a post I wrote called ‘Explaining Red to a Blind Person“.

I don’t really remember writing that post, but my blog suggests I did. Weird how my memory works (or doesn’t work).

I read the post and was quite challenged by what I had to say – and I think you might be, too.

So why not hop on over there and find out how to explain the color red to a blind person!