It’s All Over… Did you win?

Thank you all for your entries to and support of the No More Blogger giveaway.

The entries have been pooled together, the draw done and the winners selected.

The winners are…..

Well, the giveaway was all Katdish’s idea, so I’ll leave it to her to tell you who the winners are. Head on over to her post to find out if you won!

I feel really bad for everyone who DIDN’T win though 🙁

I’ve been trying to figure out if maybe I could give extra prizes of free hosting to everyone else who entered but there were just too many of you entering!

What we can do though is if you got really excited about the thought of possibly moving to WordPress and still want to do it even though you didn’t win, head on over to and we’ll give you a small discount if you use the Promotional code: nomoreblogger

I wish there was more we could do, I really want to help you all make the most of your blogs. Of course, if you do decide to switch, I’ll help walk you through the process and be there to lend advice and support as you get set up and make the transition.

Thank you all so much for entering… we’ll have to do this again soon!