What Would You Refuse To Do For God?

I was walking through town yesterday when I suddenly got the feeling that I should write today about saying no to God.

We all have things about which we think, ‘I’d never do that!’ Whether it’s something as big as going to Africa as a missionary, or as daunting as speaking in front 1000 people.

We walk a strange line where we tell God that we’d do ‘anything’ for Him and then put limits on what ‘anything’ is.

I never got round to writing about this yesterday but this morning, my ‘Tweet Old Post’ plugin ‘randomly’ chose to tweet a post I wrote called “What’s your River Jordan?” which talks about this very subject.

So instead of writing about it again, I’d like to invite you to read my two part series:

What’s Your River Jordan Part 1

What’s Your River Jordan Part 2