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On The Road Again…

I’m ready to get back on the road again.

So ready.

Between the years 1995 and 2002, I almost constantly had work where I drove long distances every day.

I did computer repair, installs, upgrades… all that geeky stuff for people who don’t really know what they’re doing but know how to wield a screwdriver.

Since then, I have been grounded… well, all except a couple of trips here and there.

Watching people’s updates on twitter has made me a little very jealous. All those people who go to conferences all over the place and go to speaking engagements and complain about being stuck in an airport… I just sit there thinking I’d switch with them in a heartbeat.

Not that I wouldn’t want to ever see my wife and kids but I would love to get to travel for work.

Well, that prayer has been answered. This weekend, I am heading down to the Antelope Valley Writer’s Conference in Palmdale, CA this weekend. An excellent conference for writers in all genre’s and of all abilities.

Then on June 22nd, I’m heading out to Asheville, North Carolina for the Type-A Parents’ Conference, which promises to be a potentially life changing event!

OK, so that’s only one trip a month, but it’s two trips more than I took in the whole of last year!

I’m hoping that they will lead to more trips and more opportunities so I can be on the road more and more.

Probably the best thing about being on the road though, is getting behind the wheel and just driving for hours… and hours.

It’s ME space, I can listen to what I want, sing a loud as I want, practice speeches out loud, stop whenever I want… it’s all ME.

But then there’s always the flip side of that, the side where we have to face the reality that we need other people.

As much as I love being on the road, alone, I’m on another road – and so are you.

We are all on the road of life. Life is a journey and it’s one we can’t do alone.

I was talking to my Mum the other day and she gave me some great business advice. It occurred to me later that the best advice often comes from the places we least expect it – places we would never discover if we didn’t walk down the road side by side, hand in hand with the people God places in our lives.

Open road, I’m going to love travelling you alone, but road of life, I’ll walk down you with friends and family. I know you understand.

About PeterP

I am a blogger, author, stay at home dad, speaker, web hosting trainer and geek (I was so excited to get an iPad that I actually made up a song and dance about it). I am English by birth, but currently live in California with my wife and our three children. I ran a web hosting business for nine years and found that many, if not most of my clients had never learned how to use any of the functions associated with hosting so I wrote a book to try and teach just those skills. I must admit to having fallen in love with WordPress (possibly a little TOO much) and I honestly find it hard to understand why anyone would use anything different to build a site! WordPress is wonderful! My passion is to help others achieve their goals with their websites/blogs. I believe that, with a little help, anyone can have an awesome site.

40 thoughts on “Road – Blog Carnival”

  1. jasonS says:

    I definitely feed on the alone time as well, but like you said, it doesn’t too long before you see how much we need each other. So glad for your opportunities Peter! That’s very exciting. Be blessed sir. 🙂

    1. PeterP says:

      Living in Alaska, I bet you get plenty of alone time!

      Thanks, Jason.

      I appreciate you

      1. jasonS says:

        Being a father and a pastor, not as much alone time as you might think. 🙂 I appreciate you too.

  2. God answers prayer, and two road trips for you will be a wonderful experience! Meeting new people, new connections and blessings for YOU there and also in your alone time!:-)

    1. PeterP says:

      He sure does!

      Thanks, Hazel.

  3. Jennie says:

    Yeah, one thing I really miss in my current job is road trips. Although with Bill Drake ( – shameless plug for an awesome guy!) our road trips were always 11 people piled in vans and cars together. I loved the opportunity to just sit and talk. SOmetimes we worked, but mostly it was a chance just to BE together.

    There’s something magical about seeing an endless ribbon of road ahead, and knowing you’ve got nothing to do for hours except talk (and eat junk food!).

    I miss it. Make the most of it for me!

    1. PeterP says:

      Yeah, the junk food is what makes it for me 🙂

      Thanks, Jen.

  4. Glynn says:

    When I was younger, travel was exciting, different, fun. Now, with all the security and having been “patted down” twice (once, even my wallet was patted down), it’s become more of a chore. I can remember (vaguely) the days when flying was glamorous – and even kids wore their Sunday best on a plane.

    1. PeterP says:

      You can remember those days? With the smoking and everything?

      I think the pat downs and everything are fun, it’s all part of the adventure.

      Of course, I won’t think that any more if they ever stop me for anything….

  5. katdish says:

    There’s something about those long stretches of road, driving by yourself that’s refreshing. But you’re right, we were created to live in community with one another. Very excited for you about the writer’s conference and the Type A conference. Yay for you!

    1. PeterP says:

      Thanks, Kat.

      I’m very excited too.

      If I can just get over the nervousness of knowing I have to speak at Type-A!

  6. Helen says:

    Have a safe trip.

    The soundtrack playing in my head when I read your post:

    1. PeterP says:


      I was thinking either the theme from ‘The Littlest Hobo’, ‘Here I go again on my own’ or one other, which I can’t think of right now because Life is a Highway is rattleing arounf in my head!

    2. Jennie says:

      I love a bit of Rascal Flatts! Thanks for that.

  7. I love being on the road too. I plan to be on it a lot this summer. Life is definitely an adventure. Love this topic! Now on to reading more blog posts…

    1. PeterP says:


      I hope you enjoy all the other posts!

  8. Joyce says:

    I think most of us need a balance of alone and friend time. Life feels out of whack to me if there is too much of one and not enough of another. I do love that quiet thinking time a long car trip offers…enjoy your upcoming travels and thanks for hosting the blog carnival!

    1. PeterP says:

      Thanks Joyce.

      I don’t get enough of the alone time… at least, not when I’m not sitting in front of a computer!

  9. Robin Arnold says:

    I think Joyce above just hit the mark for me, along with your post Peter. It’s about balance. Sure, sometimes you have to do what you have to do, but for goodness sakes it’s important to stretch too, and take your talent on the road.

    1. PeterP says:


      Thanks, Robin!

  10. HisFireFly says:

    Excited for you and know that BOTH conferences will be life-changing, for changing lives is His business.

    Funny, my “on the road” time isn’t really mine at all, but His. He has me all to Himself then…

    1. PeterP says:

      That would be the same for me, but I have the attention span of … what was I saying?


      He does manage to interrupt my wandering mind quite a lot when I’m on the road though.

  11. Nancy Kehr says:

    What a great statement…”the best advice often comes from the places we least expect it – places we would never discover if we didn’t walk down the road side by side, hand in hand with the people God places in our lives.” So very true – along with the experiences and faith adventures.

    I used to travel everywhere in California and the West Coast for an ATM repair company. Yes, I was many places, but with NO time to enjoy any of them. I was always concerned about my children when I had to go. Often they could go with me and the homeschooling continued on the road. I finally launched my own business which keeps me homebound and, like you, I long to be able to “go” a little more, but am content with what God is doing and opening up. Good post!

    1. PeterP says:

      Thanks, Nancy.

      I hope you get to ‘go’ occasionally. I completely understand the need for it!

  12. Louise G says:

    I have been ‘on the road’ for the past three days — and loving it. I’ve been ‘in search of my father’ and finding myself under the big prairie sky.

    Those roads are always waiting.

    Enjoy your travels! It’s nice to know you can always be found here!

    1. PeterP says:

      Thanks Louise.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying your travels. I’m so looking forward to doing the same!

  13. Amy Nabors says:

    I love the time to just drive too. I even like traveling by myself, having that alone time to just explore a new city. My sister and I travel together when she travels for business so I get time to explore alone, but fun time with her also. It’s been too long since we’ve been able to travel though and like you I miss it.
    Enjoy your trips in the coming weeks!

  14. ~Brenda says:

    You are so very right. We DO need people. I can be a real hermit at times, but I always come back to people, because I have deep sense of need for them. I think God made us that way. 🙂

  15. Frank says:

    I love traveling for the “me time” just like you say. My music. My books. I go to sleep when I want to… But that gets old after a couple of days and I’m ready to be home. I agree with the comment above that you need balance. Even Jesus had to get away from the crowds to refresh.

    And yay! You’re coming down to the conference. Can’t wait to catch up with you!

  16. Loni says:

    YES! The best advice often comes from the places we least expect it . . . and God wants us to “relate these experiences”. . . which is what I wrote on. This was a great word to think about! Enjoyed reading & the comments here!

  17. Anna says:

    Hi– first time to link up here, but have stopped in before. Yes– agreed– walking with others on the road of life, that’s the way to go!

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