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Is Older Better?

When will we ever decide whether or not old is a good thing?

There is a constant pull between the idea of old being, well, old and old being more refined, more desirable than new.

In many cultures, older people are revered for the wisdom and experience that comes with age, in others, older people are thought of more as annoyances than members of society with something to contribute.

Some people think that old houses are desirable for their character and history, while at the same time new houses are hailed for their energy efficiency and use of space.

Old cars are jut pieces of junk which need to be replaced as far as most of us are concerned… but go to a car rally and you’ll find people who are willing to put thousands of hours and dollars into restoring and running old cars.

The old ways, morals and ethics are routinely looked down on as being cruel, sexist, racist and everything else-ist but then we look at  the world and many would agree that society has never been as immoral as it is now.

So is old good or bad, better or worse.

It doesn’t seem to depend on what ‘old’ thing you’re talking about so much as your point of view.

In the Bible we see that Paul tells Timothy not to let people look down on him because he’s young (1 Tim 4:12). Yet the same bible tells us to rise in the presence of the elderly and honor the old. (Leviticus 19:32). It seems the bible is suggesting that being old is good but that being young could be good too.

Maybe the lesson here is not to judge a book by its cover.

We shouldn’t just discard something just because it’s not shiny and new, but at the same time we shouldn’t reject the new just because it’s not old.

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Old – Blog Carnival”

  1. Hazel I Moon says:

    Old is not obsolete, in some cases very valuable if it is an antique. Old people tend to be skooted off to care homes these days. I was young, but now am old, was it David who said that? Me too, but I am still finding ways to minister. One is my blog, another is my book “Rescue the Stories book one” that is touching lives when they discover a message in the short story.

  2. The OLD paths that the Bible lays out are the best ones to follow. Call me old Fashioned, but in this case old is better.

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