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Inside the Library of Congress


Welcome to the One Word At A Time Blog Carnival – this week’s word is: Ornate.

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Ornate? What was Ornate?

Inside the Capitol Building

Life is better when it’s shared with others because otherwise there is so much we miss because of our unique passions and prejudices.

Earlier this year our family went on vacation to the East Coast where we had the opportunity to see many of the famous sites and landmarks that fill Washington D.C, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

The amount of work and creativity that went into creating some of the buildings we saw is simply astounding. The designs and patterns, paintings, frescos, floors and other things I can’t name were amazing. We could have spent weeks just studying the interior of the library of congress, had we wanted to, there was simply THAT much to see.

Most of it I barely noticed though.

Sure, it was good quality work but when you’ve seen one marble floor, you’ve seen them all.

No, I spent way too much time ignoring the big picture and looking a little behind the scenes.

For example, we went on a tour of the Whitehouse (which is not worth it, by the way) and while people around me were gaping and gawking at the designs of the chairs and the carpets and the paintings and everything else, I spent my time wondering, “How do they power that lamp which is sitting in the middle of the room?”

The answer was, with a long, brown extension cord of the kind you find in Walmart.

That’s what really appealed to me.

Not the ornate design of the lamp but how they made it WORK.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how they clean those chandeliers… and how they change all those light bulbs.

I spent a while slyly peering at the picture frames wondering how they securely fasten them to the wall so no-one can steal them.

I enjoyed a wonderful few moments calculating at one point whether or not a room was quite big enough for the dimensions of one particular building and if, maybe, there was a hidden room tucked in there somewhere.

Why did I do that?

Simple – because that’s who I am.

Sure, I’m impressed with ornate stuff but how many chiseled pieces of marble can you really look at before the excitement wears off?

For some people, the number is very, very high.

For me it’s two.

Two pretty things is enough, then my mind starts to wander.

It’s precisely that trait though that makes me who I am – and tells me that I shouldn’t try to go through life alone.

How much would I miss if my wife and kids weren’t there to point things out to me that I hadn’t noticed because I was looking to see if that really was a Walmart extension cord?

Conversely, how much would they miss if I wasn’t there to point out the scuff marks on the floor where someone had placed a ladder to climb up and clean the chandelier?

We may not be totally interested in what others point out, but it’s the fact that they do which brings us to a more complete experience of our surroundings.

There is a pastor in town here who posts on Facebook where he has seen God at work in his day and I know without him pointing things out, I would so much more often miss seeing God’s hand moving in our town.

We were made as social people. When God made Adam he said, “It’s not good for man to be alone.” He MADE us that way, built it into our very DNA.

This week’s carnival has reminded me that we need to share our lives with others more and take the time to stop and listen and appreciate the different things that others experience and see even in the same space we’re in.

It’s FASCINATING when you do….

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4 thoughts on “Ornate – Blog Carnival”

  1. Robert Moon says:

    We see what is important to us and when interests us. Ornate or plain ordinary so that is who we are.

  2. Fascinating indeed! Listening and seeing are both powerful, and yet we (or I!) tend to forget.

  3. Hazel Moon says:

    Excellent post on being observant of the important things. By the way, I put a note on twitter and also Face Book about your carnival. If you would please notify on twitter and FB, I believe more bloggers will respond.

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