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Welcome to the One Word At A Time Blog Carnival – this week’s word is: Due.

Seriously though, who schedules a blog carnival for Christmas day?.. oh, wait… that was me…. and yes, I DID forget all about it. SORRY!

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Your DUE


Butch: When’s the last time we beat you up?
Alfalfa: Well, let’s see… today’s the 10th. 30 days hath September, April, June, and November. It’s not a leap year… yyyesterday.
Butch: You’re due!

Taken from The Little Rascals (1994)

I cannot think of the word ‘due’ without hearing Butch’s little voice in my head announcing, “You’re due!” The Little Rascals is a wonderful little film, full of comedy which goes straight over the heads of most kids but which makes it extremely entertaining for adult viewers forced to watch it with their children.

The whole concept of ‘due’ is a fascinating one. It encompasses the ideas of owing and being owed, of rights, of benefits and of entitlement and yet it’s just three little letters.

We all have bills that are due every month. Nobody likes that.

Due is a horrible concept when you’re on the wrong side of it.
On the other hand though, when payments become due to us, such as our pay on payday or monies we lent to people which are now due for repayment, the concept of ‘due’ suddenly becomes a wonderful one.

All of a sudden, there’s something that’s rightfully ours, which is owed to us and for which the time has come to collect.

Everyone likes it when they complete their taxes and they find that instead of owing the government money, they are actually due a tax refund.

Oh happy days!


The double-edged nature of the word ‘due’ can trick us though.

How many movies have plots in which at some point someone (usually a bad-guy) is expecting to get his due… to collect on what he thinks he’s owed for his deeds, only to find that he’s not going to get to collect his dues, but instead is going to have to pay his dues because the hero comes and gives him what he deserves, not what he expects?

It’s this concept of us not understanding what’s truly due that struck me when I first saw the word for this week.

We fool ourselves into thinking that life, and more importantly GOD, owes us something… that somehow some nice thing we’ve done or something that we have said or thought means that we are automatically ‘due’ good things.

It’s an illusion, or more precisely, a DELUSION.

What could God possibly EVER owe us?

Nothing, nothing at all.

The price is all on our shoulders to pay and when judgement day comes and we are happily thinking we are about to get what we deserve, what we deserve is EXACTLY what we’ll get…

Except we won’t.

We won’t get what we’re due.

We’ll get exactly the opposite… as long as we have believed in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

You see, Jesus saw what we owed. He knew what was due and he knew that no delusions of sainthood or grandeur from us could change that. Only one thing could change what was collected when the time comes for the dues to be paid.

He paid it for us.

He paid what was due.

Think about that this Christmas time, as you get excited and maybe disappointed by the presents you receive. You’re owed nothing. You deserve nothing. Yet Christmas is the time we remember that Jesus came down to earth and became one of us to give us EVERYTHING.

He was the one who was owed… yet instead of collecting, he offers to pay what’s due.

…..If we just accept.

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