You Should Have Been at NMX 2013

NMX Featured Speaker
Wowser, NMX was fantastic.

I’m not just saying that because I was one of the speakers and thus made it fantastic, it was a really, really good event.

The people I met for the first time, the friends I got to see again and the things that I learned all work together to make it an event which not only left me with much to think about, with new contacts to work with, but also with the new appreciation for some of the people in the blog sphere and the surrounding industries. I wish you’d been there.

NMX did a fantastic job with the speakers before the show promoting them and giving them opportunities for promotion and for making money through affiliate sales. I’ve been to a few events and have to say that they told us they wanted to treat us like rock stars – and they really did. Much kudos to the whole team for that!

One of my favorite things that they did was that they allower every speaker to do a giveaway on their blog of tickets to the event. Two tickets each, completely free. That was amazing. It gave me something of value to add to my blog and ultimately gave two of my readers something of value. GREAT marketing and social promotion.

I was therefore able to giveaway tickets to two of my readers, which really impacted me a lot – because I wish that more of my friends, my readers and my community online attended conferences. I truly do believe that they could get a lot out of them and so being able to provide a way for some of them to go was wonderful.

At the risk of offending some people, because I met so many people I can’t possibly mention them all, I’d like to mention a couple of people I met for the first time or re-met at the conference that impacted me. I’ll maybe mention some more people another day.

Killer TribesThe first has to be Brian Allain, he’s the man behind and the Killer Tribes conference (March 23rd 2013, Atlanta, GA) plus he wrote the popular and informative e-book 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo. Brian is a very genuine guy and as I spent time with him, what really came across to me was how passionate he is about helping other bloggers find what he calls their ‘mojo’,  their niche – what it is that really excites them. And thus what they were born to blog about or at least what is best for them to blog about this point in their lives. He is also very passionate about then helping them build a blog following, a community, a tribe.

I guess, in fact, a killer tribe! I wonder if that’s where he got the name from?

I highly recommend Brian to any of you who need help finding your mojo, building a tribe or whatever it may be. You can tell him that I sent you to him, but it probably won’t help you any. 🙂

Next has to be Deb Ng, Shane Ketterman and the rest of the and NMX team. Fantastic people who worked incredibly hard to put on a great show. I spoke to quite a few of the team members in depth and am certain that they do the show and they put all this time and effort into it because they truly want to help bloggers succeed, to network, to get better at what they doing and to have the encouragement they need to continue and to build bigger and better things. The staff are all talented in their own right and seem to be incredibly willing to give of their talents and use it to help other bloggers. I really can’t say enough good things about them.

I always try to do these wrap-up posts to tell you how great the conference was and try to convince you that you should go…… but somehow I can never quite find the words….

I just can’t seem to put on the page exactly how useful, fun, informative and worth-every-penny these conferences are.

Let’s just say, I intend to go back next year – I think THAT highly of it!

Will you come, too?

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