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A Very Different School – Free this Weekend

The launch of my book has been a VERY interesting experience.

I snuck it onto the market without really telling anyone in advance and haven’t really spent anything on marketing. This is not my ‘big’ book release, that’s Web Hosting For Dummies and is coming in June. Rather, this was something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but have always been too scared to attempt – and I still am!

People have been wonderfully supportive though and I’m getting reports from all over the world that kids are loving the book – which is kind of the point of writing it! It’s a great honor and blessing to know that MY book is being read in households in at least six countries.

As part of my timid push to get it out there, I have decided to give the Kindle version away FREE on Amazon this weekend. Anyone who has (or gets) the kindle app on their computer or device can download it free, as long as you do so before Sunday night (March 3rd, 2013)

In the first day, it was downloaded over 350 times, which is a HUGE honor and is very exciting.

I’d love to reach 1,000 downloads by the time it ends on Sunday night. Do you think we can?

Click here to download YOUR copy then tell all your friends (please) 🙂

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