An Easter Gift Just For You

A Very Different School Reading Plan
I wrote A Very Different School for a number of reasons, one of which was to tell the Easter story.

The book is fiction and is an adventure story for kids but it also incorporates the Easter story from Palm Sunday to Easter day with some explanation of why the events happened.

I’m not going to try to lie to you or anything, I do write books to earn money, but I also write them with a genuine desire to teach, whether it’s techy stuff or what bible truths.

It’s now just a few days before Easter and I realized that, if you read two chapters of A Very Different School a day starting Tuesday March 26th, 2013, you’ll be reading the Good Friday story (or most of it, at least) on Good Friday and then the Resurrection story on Easter day.

That seemed incredibly convenient, so I decided to make the Kindle version of this first Fantastic Fieldtrip that Professor Alexander took his kids on completely free on Tuesday 26th March so that everyone can read the story and learn/remember what Easter is all about.

I have also lowered the cost of the printed version of the book worldwide as much as I can – but unless you pay for one-day shipping, it won’t be there in time for Easter.

There are a couple of important things for you to know:

  1. ANYONE can download and read Kindle books, as long as they have a computer, smartphone or tablet. Amazon provide an app for almost all devices totally free with no cost to use it either. Go to the Amazon page here to download your free reader.
  2. I have created a Facebook event for the Free day. If you have friends who you’d like to share the Easter story with, why not join the event and then invite them to join as well, so they get notified when it’s free.


Please join the event on Facebook, invite all your friends and then download the book for free on Tuesday and read two chapters a day to remind yourself and your family of what we are really celebrating on Easter Day – and tell all your friends to do the same.

An old school friend of mine, who I haven’t seen in twenty years described it like this on Amazon:

Dr. Who meets the New Testament:

A great fun and educational story, aimed at kids but a great family read, can’t wait for the next instalment.

I hope you’ll feel the same!

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One thought on “An Easter Gift Just For You”

  1. Much appreciated Peter!
    May it be a wonderful advancement of the Easter Story and part of this Holy Week’s worship…

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