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Will You Join my Team?

Peter Pollock, Author of Web Hosting For Dummies being intervewed at NMX by Paul Chen, Wiley


That’s the official release date of Web Hosting For Dummies. It seems crazy that it’s such a short time away now…. but May 13th is the big day!

I’m starting now to make a big push to get this book to sell well.

I don’t know the future and for all I know, this is the only book any publisher will ever publish for me so I want to give it everything I’ve got.

I put major amounts of effort into the writing to make it as clear, understandable and educational as I could and now I want to put as much, if not more effort into marketing it.

Whatever happens, I want to be able to say I gave it my best shot.

I Need Your Help

So here’s where YOU come in:

I need help.

Wiley, the publisher, are wonderful and are doing all kinds of things to help market Web Hosting For Dummies, but it’s a competitive market out there and I need to do my share of the work.

So I’m putting together a team to help me market, publicize and in all ways promote the book.

I can’t pay you (unless the book sells millions 🙂 ) and I know I’ve already asked a lot of my friends, family and vague acquaintances, but if you’d like to volunteer to be involved in making this book a success, I’d love for you to partner with me in this.

I need:

  1. Marketing ideas
  2. Evangelists (people who will plug the book for me)
  3. Help with the launch party
  4. Someone with ninja organization skills to pull everything together
  5. Contacts at major web hosts, magazines and review sites to send review copies to
  6. Whatever else you have to offer.

I will repay you as best I can with links on my website to your stuff, signed copies of the book, home-made cookies and some other stuff that I can only tell you once you’re signed up as a marketing partner (because it will give away some secrets).

Please respond to me here, by private message, email, phone or whatever. I’m looking for twenty or so people to help.

… and when this book is a best-seller, it will look great on your resume (CV) that you were mart of the marketing team for it!

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