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FandomIt is a huge honor to be an author for a series as big as For Dummies. One that I cannot possibly even begin to fathom. The promotional work for it is hard though because so much of it involves promoting ME, as an author, as an expert, as an authority and as a person worth listening to.

Promoting me flies in the face of who I am – I don’t like talking about me, my head just doesn’t work that way. Some people love talking about themselves and the great things they’re doing… me, I’d rather talk about other great people.

Which brings me to the subject of today’s post: People and things I AM fan of!

Jennie Pollock

I’d love to say I’m capable of being completely unbiased with regards to this fabulous writer but, as the name suggests, she’s my sister and so there is possibly just a little bias here.
Nevertheless, I am incredibly proud of Jennie and all she is accomplishing and today she has TWO big announcements:

  1. She has a brand new website, which I had no part in designing, which might be why it is so beautiful.
  2. Jennie is getting closer to landing her first book deal! Of course, there’s a long way to go yet, but she has some interest from a publisher and that’s a HUGE step forward!

Congratulations, Jennie. I’m so proud of you!

Congratulate Jennie here in the comments or:


Mister D.

Mister D.If you don’t know Elizabeth Stevens and James Bruner, you’re missing out because they’re lovely people – and very talented ones at that!

I had the privilege of meeting them at the Moreno Valley Writers Launch Pad this year and we have become good friends thanks to the connective powers of the internet. I won’t go into everything about them now, because I intend on doing that another time, but I DO want to tell you about Mister D.

Mister D. is a creation of Elizabeth’s… at least, he’s someone that Elizabeth recognized and wrote this fun, beautiful book about. Here’s how I described the book in my Amazon review:

Mister D is lurking, lurking behind you, behind your child, behind your friends….. he’s everywhere.

If Mister D. was a person, we’d do all we can to warn our children to stay away from him and to get help when they saw him, but he’s not a real person… you see, the D stands for DOUBT.

Mister D is a beautifully illustrated, wonderfully simple yet effective book that children will both love and learn an important lesson from:

Don’t listen to Mister D.!

Elizabeth and James have just released the paperback version of Mister D. so you now have the choice of hardcover, paperback or kindle formats. At the time of writing, they are $15.26, $10.95 & $2.99 respectively.

You should buy Mister D.


Enough said!

You can connect with James and Elizabeth:


Dummies May Releases

DummiesFinally, I’ve always liked For Dummies books, they are always really helpful – and I’ve found out that there are a whole bunch of them being released this month in the tech category alone!

I’ve been shouting a lot about my book, but there might be something here for you, too so take a look at the May releases here: For Dummies May Tech Releases on

There are some great books… some of which I am going to be buying myself!

Just remember… don’t buy MY book until May 13th!

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