How to Back Up to a Flash Drive

Kingston USB Flash DriveBackups, backups, backups. We all know we need them, we all regret it deeply when something goes wrong and we don’t have one and yet we all hate doing them!

There are many different ways to back up your important data, from CD’s and DVD’s to external hard drives, NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices to backup servers, and iCloud to Carbonite – it seems the options are endless.

One option that I like,though, which many people don’t think of or just ignore, is backing up to USB Flash Memory drives – It’s quick, easy and very cheap!

What is Important Data?


Important data is really anything you’ve created using a computer that you wouldn’t want to lose. In this electronic age, our keepsakes are, increasingly, files on a computer, not objects in a display case. Here’s just a few examples:


  • Photos
  • Music
  • Letters and emails
  • Important documents
  • Websites / blogs
  • Videos
  • Progress in a game

…and the list goes on.

Important data is simply anything in electronic form that is important to you and fortunately, in the age of electronic keepsakes, creating complete backups in case of unexpected loss is easy!

Backing up is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3… umm…  4 -5,

Making a backup is very easy, as long as you know where the data is that you need to back up and have something to back up onto.

USB flash drives are easy to find these days.  It seems every store sells them and you can get them in all shapes and sizes. You can even get them in the shape of your favorite cartoon character. As a medium-term backup solution, they are cost effective, reliable, and generally pretty hard to break!

I call them a medium-term solution because, depending on all sorts of factors, their ability to store data once it has been written to them seems to range from five to ten years which, for most of us, is plenty of time. If you want to store something electronically for generations to come though, they are probably not the best solution.

My personal choice of drive manufacturer is Kingston Technology. I’ve been using their memory products for years and trust their reliability.

In the video below, I show you how to make a backup of your data onto a Flash Drive for safekeeping.

The process is simple:

  1. Slot the drive into an available USB port on your computer
  2. Select the files you want to back up
  3. Right click on your selected files and choose “copy”
  4. Navigate using your file manager to the USB drive
  5. Right click on the flash drive and choose “paste”

Pretty easy, huh?

Depending on how much data you are backing up, it may take a few minutes (or even longer) to copy all the data across, but when it’s done, you’ll have an exact copy of your data on the drive ready to be stored away somewhere safe.

The last thing to do is right click on the drive in your file manager and select “Eject”. This will close any open files and make it safe for you to pull the drive out of your computer.

Backing Up Your Website

If you want to make a backup of your blog or website onto a flash drive, you need to first download all the files (and any databases) onto your computer and you can then copy them onto the flash drive using the process described above.


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