Reaching for the Stars

Mission Main Street Grants

If you don’t aim for the stars, you’ll never get mooned… or something like that.

We’re reaching for the stars by applying for a grant to help us take a big leap forward in making web hosting easier for everyone to understand and use.

Chase Bank is giving an opportunity for all small businesses (like my own), to be considered for a $250,000 grant to expand and develop to reach their business goals.

If chosen, there are many things I would be able to do to promote and further my goal to help the millions of people out there who have (or need) web hosting but don’t understand what they are paying for or how to use it.

For example, I would be able to purchase significantly better recording equipment for my video tutorials.  I could also get a real green screen and proper lighting, instead of the green fabric I have hanging in my living room as a makeshift green screen!

Web Hosting Workshops LogoI would also love to advertise more to gain customers so I can start doing 1-2 day workshops for people who don’t have very much insight into the world of web hosting, and what it can mean for them and potentially their businesses.

I would also be able to afford to attend more conferences like Type-A and other blog conferences.  I believe that conference speaking is a great way for me to help people and make more contacts.

Another thing I have been considering is starting a course to teach kids in school about web hosting so they can be knowledgeable about their options before they enter the real world!  I would definitely be able to start developing this curriculum and project with the money from the grant.

Now that you know what I need the money for…please vote for me! (My business name is Day3).

I need 250+ votes to progress to the next level in the grant process, so please share with your friends and click on the link below to vote for me and my business!


Elayna DeMatto
I am an 18 year old high school graduate working as an intern for Peter Pollock, and I absolutely love it. I have a strong passion for reading, writing, and music. I hope to pursue a career in writing and publish an autobiography. I can't wait to see what the future holds!

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