Fighting Fear – Released Today!

Fighting-Fear-Front-CoverIt’s official: Fighting Fear, book 2 in the Fantastic Fieldtrips series, is out today!

It has been a long time coming and we wanted to release it earlier this month, but had various delays. Now, we can finally announce that today, Friday November 22nd, 2013, Fighting Fear is finished and available for purchase.

To celebrate its release, we’re giving it away on Amazon Kindle free all day today, in all countries where Kindle books are available.

You DO NOT need to have a Kindle to get your free copy. Amazon has apps for just about every smartphone, tablet, phablet and computer that you can install for FREE, which will let you download the book… and once you’ve got it, it’s yours to keep!

Fighting Fear has been illustrated by our friend Tyler Price, and was edited by my wonderful assistant Elayna DeMatto.

To coincide with the release, we’ve also spruced up the cover of A Very Different School, book one in the series, to match the series theme which we introduced with the full color illustrated edition of it.

In Fighting Fear, Professor Alexander’s students learn about overcoming fear from one of the bravest young men in history.

We all know that David, while he was just a young man, went out onto the battle field and faced the giant, Goliath, with nothing more than a sling and 5 stones. But what gave him the courage to step out there like that, and how can we learn to have that same courage?

Travel with the adventurers as they delve even further back into David’s past to see what he had to learn to fight his fear.

So, tell all your friends! Shout it loud and clear for us, Fighting Fear is here and is available on today!

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