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A Quick Guide to SEO

seo_audit_infographicSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a grossly misunderstood and feared art.

People tend to either think of it as all a big con, just nothing but smoke and mirrors or as one of the ancient dark arts with its roots dating back to the ancient Egyptians.

The truth is, it’s neither.

It is, however, both simple and highly complex at the same time!

To massively over-simplify SEO, you can describe it well with its very name. It is the art of optimising your website to be read and understood by search engines.

There, that was a clear as mud, wasn’t it?

A search engine is a little program that visits your website, with no human interaction, and tries to work out what the site is about and how to navigate around it. It wants to be able to find key words that users might search for when looking for pages like yours, so it can give them useful and relevant search results.

Optimising your site for search engines means putting things in the right places for the search engine to find and helping to guide it around your site to index everything you want it to see. A search engine cannot pick up on visual cues like arrows or bright flashing lights so it needs you to provide it with plain text that it can read and understand.

The infographic below from InMotion Hosting gives a great walk-through for anyone to be able to follow to do a basic SEO audit on their site and fix a few things to make their sites better.

An SEO expert is always going to be able to find more you can do, so if you are anxious to optimize your site, to the best possible degree, then you should hire an SEO company to help, but following through this audit will be a great place to start!

20-Minutes or Less SEO Audit Checklist

InMotion Hosting – A Los Angeles Web Hosting Company

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