A Very Different School

Book 1 in the Professor Alexander's Fantastic Fieldtrips seriesA Very Different School, book 1 in the Professor Alexander’s Fantastic Fieldtrips series is now available in print or ebook format!

It has been a long wait, but at last the first book in the Professor Alexander’s Fantastic Fieldtrips series is here.

In A Very Different School, we meet the Professor and his students, Rebekah, Caleb, Hannah, Kallista, Brian, Jaidon, Maria, Eddie and Jose.

It’s the first day at their brand new school and, after the parents have left, Professor Alexander has a BIG surprise for the kids.

Follow the Professor and the excited children on a journey to places you can barely even imagine to see some amazing true events from history.

Professor Alexander and his time machine take you to Jerusalem to see the events that happened at the very first Easter and how something that seemed so terrible could turn out to be wonderful in the end.

Plus, when you buy the book, you’ll find out how to enter the competition to get some of your artwork displayed on this site!

———- For The Parents ——–

A few years ago, my daughter, who was six at the time, was looking for good books to read and my wife and I didn’t like some of the ones she was finding.

We wanted something that taught biblical truths while being fun, exciting and interesting for her – and which could hopefully expand her imagination and vocabulary at the same time.

That’s when I came up with Professor Alexander and his time machine, as a way of taking the young readers on a journey through history to learn what REALLY happened and how it applies to their lives today.

Using text from the NIV bible, your young explorers will learn exactly what the bible tells us about the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection and how and why Jesus saved us from our sin.

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