What Readers are Saying…

It was fun, engaging and prompted great dialogue…

-Brina Hardwood

An imaginative, fun, faith-based children’s adventure that helps bring the Easter Story to life for young readers.

-Elizabeth Stevens

 I cared about them all and can’t wait for the next book. I also can’t wait to share this book with the children in my life.

I love the clever way the author, Peter Pollock, chose to teach about bible stories to children.

-James Bruner

The reading level is perfect for young readers just beginning to enjoy “chapter books.”

-Sheila Lagrand

I love the characters and look forward to learning more about them when more books are published in this “Fantastic” series.

-Charles G. Campbell

Don’t tell anyone but I couldn’t put it down either…

-D. Ferrell

 The author has done an excellent job retaking the story. Peter – cant wait for your next book.

-Kelly Virden

I’d heard the author speak and he was captivating and entertaining so when I had the chance I scooped up a download of this book for my Kindle…

I seriously recommend this to anyone with kids or who just wants a good read.

-Debby Johnson

There is a good mixture of biblical truth and kid-worthy fun in this book…

I know a lot of parents who are worried about subliminal messages and inappropriate content when picking a book for their kids, without getting a “little kids” picture book. With this book, and the rest in the series to come, there is no worries that the content is safe, readable, and enjoyable.

-Elayna DeMatto

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