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Peter Pollock Speaking at NMX


My name is Peter Pollock and I am passionate about helping people bridge the knowledge gap between what they believe they are capable of understanding and what the ‘experts’ think they should already know.  This is what keeps a lot of us from getting the most out of  the technology we see and use every day.

Time and time again I see people struggling with their blogs and websites because they don’t have the basic skills they need to protect, update and fully utilize the facilities at their fingertips.

Through books, online tutorials, workshops, and conference speaking engagements, I am working to change that situation and enable anyone and everyone to use the powers of the web.

How much more do you really need to know about me? You can find out more than you probably want to know at my Who Am I?, Why, Speaking and Web Hosting for Dummies pages but here’s what I consider to be the important stuff:

  1. 1) I am NOT the legendary South African Cricketer named Peter Pollock…. although I’d love to meet him one day!
  2. 2) I want to help. Having a family means I sometimes have to charge to help, but above all, I believe in you and want to help you succeed!
  3. 3) I’ve made some wonderful friends online and want to share a few of their books with you:

And for those on device without Flash…. the list is:

…. And how could I forget List Building For Bloggers by the inimitable Phil Hollows?

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  1. I hear that there is a new bestseller out: something about Web Hosting for Dummies. Guess what? I KNOW THE AUTHOR PERSONALLY.

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