In the interests of openness and honesty, I would like to make the following quite clear.

  1. Most of the links on this site to books on Amazon include a little piece of code which means Amazon will give me a small commission if you then purchase that book.
  2. Most of the books I review are sent to me free of charge by the publishers or authors. I do not sell those books. Some I give away, some start collecting dust on my bookshelf. I live in a very dusty area so I need more books to collect all this dust with. I will therefore not be discouraging publishers from sending me books.
  3. Just because a publisher sends me a book that in no way means I am:
    1. Going to read it
    2. Going to review it
    3. Going to give it a positive review
  4. Most of my reviews are positive. I have had a couple of books sent to me for which I could not write a positive review so I chose to post no review. I reserve the right to do that… I really don’t want to be posting negative stuff on this blog.
  5. The postage cost of sending out the prizes in book giveaways I’ve run has been born entirely by me (except where books are donated to the giveaway and dispatched directly by the donors).
  6. If you really want to know, I earned around $10 in the last year from Amazon commissions and spent around $70 on postage for giveaways. Book reviews are NOT profitable for me.
  7. and finally… I have an Amazon wishlist. If you buy me something from that list as a gift, I will be very grateful!

My Amazon.com Wish List

If there’s anything else I have forgotten to disclose, then I am hereby disclosing that I have forgotten to disclose it, it’s not malicious, I just have a bad memory… and am a HUGE procrastinator.

4 thoughts on “Disclosure”

  1. nAncY says:

    that should stop all those vicious
    and terrible rumors about
    you being malicious!

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