Professor Alexander Series

******* A Very Different School, book 1 in the Professor Alexander’s Fantastic Fieldtrips series is now available in print or ebook format *******

Book 1 in the Professor Alexander's Fantastic Fieldtrips seriesProfessor Alexander is a character who created himself on my laptop one day when I was trying to write a book for my children.

I know he created himself because there’s no way I’m cool enough to dream up such an awesome guy.

A genius inventor from England, the Professor shows up in the small town of Rosefields one day and opens a school for the children there.

This is no ordinary school though and the students soon learn that hidden at the back of the school yard is the professor’s greatest creation – an incredible secret invention that will change their lives forever.

Professor Alexander has a time machine!

The Professor Alexander’s Fantastic Fieldtrips series is all about the amazing adventures that the professor takes his class on in this amazing machine.

Travel with them as they get to witness first-hand some of the stories from the bible unfold and learn valuable lessons which will help them grow as children of God.


Read the exciting new preview here.


2 thoughts on “Professor Alexander Series”

  1. enrique says:

    Good day Peter,
    my name is enrique perez and im a Digital Design instructor for a high school in california.
    Like your blog -have a question about children’s book publishing: In your experience as a book author, what’s the best road for me?
    I would like to write, illustrate and publish my own books for children in elementary school. What’s a good internet book publisher to start with? What’s their % take that’ll benefit me more? thanks! God bless.

    1. PeterP says:


      There are lots of self-publishing tools available out there and which is ‘best’ for you really heavily depends on what format you want it in, how many pages, how many illustrations and all that stuff because one company might be better for chapter books, while another is better for illustrated books.

      CreateSpace on Amazon, Lulu, Blurb… there are so many different places to do it.

      Have you considered starting with an e-book. I know your target is elementary schools, but you will probably find that many if not most kids have access to a tablet, PC or other device to read on either at school or at home.

      It’s a little cheaper and easier to publish an e-book and you could do that to start generating some interest before producing print copies.

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