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Bought this book to gain a better understanding of the Web Hosting arena and using C-Panel features, etc. At first I thought it would be a waste of money and time….I was so amazed!!!! Easy to comprehend, made sense and now I’ll be using this book like I do with my Bible-as my “Day to Day guide”.
 -Edward Cottman
“Web Hosting for Dummies” provides all the essentials – what it is and how it works; what’s essential to make it work (like databases, logs, and possibly scripts) (and what all those are); how to manage security (absolutely critical in this age of hackers and online thieves); troubleshooting; and what kind of server you should choose. And then the book gives a list of free apps, what your host won’t do for the money you pay, and some really good resources…
Glynn Young
…But now we have Peter Pollock’s excellent book Web Hosting for Dummies. I have been waiting for months for this book to be published because a fruitless search for web hosting books on Amazon back in January or February showed just how unmet this demand has been. Mr. Pollock has stepped into the market and met the demand, effectively bridging the gap between the plethora of content I have planned, and the practical realities of making it happen. I can now understand and navigate the world of professional web hosting.
 -J. Sullivan
Peter’s book is an excellent introduction to getting you started…
This is a great resource for those who are new to web hosting and really don’t know much about servers, VPS, cPanel, and so on. Thank you Mr. Pollock, you’ve done a great job!
 -Dan Fullerton
Peter compares web hosting services and terms to every day things so you get a really picture of each and he does it in a way that even the geeks among us can appreciate!
 –Erica E. Mueller
Peter Pollock has managed his own hosting company for a number of years. He brings that expertise to the writing as he shares with us the ins and outs of web hosting in simple, easy to understand language. As with the other books in the “Dummies” series, Web Hosting for Dummies has been written in such a way that a non-geek, non-technical person can easily understand the subject.
 –Dusty Rayburn
Whether you want to learn how to run the behind-the-scenes of your website or just want to be able to talk intelligently to your service providers, you need to read this book…
 -Adrianna Domingos
If this book had been written a few years ago, I would have been able to save a lot of time and frustration because it truly deals with the major issues that we need to learn. And not only that, Pollock does a great job of writing a technical book that’s not too technical to understand.
-M. Perkins
…‘Web Hosting For Dummies’ book contains a ton of information about web hosting. So much information that it had to be packed into a pretty solid book. You’ll find details about cheap web hosting, Linux web hosting, shared web hosting — heck, everything about web hosting in this book.
Harriette Halepis
The book I read to research this post was Web Hosting For Dummies by Peter Pollock which is a very good book which I bought from kindle.
-David Roberts

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