Death Cured

Ok… so I was in our local Save Mart today buying milk and cheese to mix into the bacon-and-cheese-mashed-potatoes that I was making for dinner (and some apples for apple pie) when I saw a well known ‘news’ magazine with the banner headline:

Death Cured! New miracle injection brings eternal life

I laughed out loud, embarrassingly, but then I started thinking about it and realized that they are 2000 years behind the times.

Yes, it was 20 centuries ago (almost) that death was cured.

All it takes is a trip down the road of faith to the hospital known as the Cross, taking off your old clothes and putting on the hospital gown of repentance and receiving an injection of forgiveness from the doctor known as the King of kings and Lord of lords.

At that moment, you will receive eternal life – which is the gift of God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Death cured? Not just cured but defeated!