Christian Bootcamp

If you were to go into the Army, or the Navy or the Airforce, you would start by going into bootcamp – probably for quite a few weeks.

What’s the need and purpose for bootcamp?

Life in the military is very different from life in the outside world. Very different.

Bootcamp serves to quickly train people coming in to the military in how military life works. Without it, people would find the changes very difficult to cope with and many would drop out (or try to) very quickly.

Does that sound familiar with new Christians?

I have started formulating in my head a ‘Christian Bootcamp’ where new Christians can go to get intensive teaching and training on what it means to be a Christian.

Being a Christian and living as a Christian is very different from being a non-Christian – or at least it SHOULD be!

Over the course of the next few months, I will probably develop this idea through my blog and maybe (if God makes provision) I might even start working on making it reality.

Tell me what you think!