Christianity is not a religion

Huh? What does that mean? How can Christianity not be a religion? 

Let me explain. I have been reading a whole bunch of Christian blogs on the Internet over the past day or two and have found some great (and some not so great) stuff.

What I have seen through it all is that many people have come to the same place that I have come to and that I am not alone in my frustration with ‘Christians’.

Christians are people who have been saved by grace, have REPENTED of their sins and have become new creations who are citizens of heaven.

There is no religion there. There is nothing they can do to ‘earn’ their salvation. They can’t buy it, they surely don’t deserve it, they are simply the recipients of the most amazing gift ever.

Once they have become Christians, they do not have to enter some form of religion, they simply have to follow Christ.

An American would not say that they are part of the American Religion simply because they follow some of America’s laws and adhere to its practices and moral code. Likewise Christians are not part of a religion just because they follow God’s laws and adhere to His practices and moral code.

Christianity, however, is turned into a religion by people who don’t know any better – and a lot of them are not saved.

Being a Christian means you get stereotyped and lumped together with every wacko who wants a little extra exposure so he calls himself a Christian.

We are a people of faith, we live by faith, we walk by faith and it is by faith that we are known.

Every Christian has one purpose while they are still breathing and that is to follow the Great Commission – to go into all the world (and the world starts at your front door) and take the good news to everyone.

What we tend to do instead is create ourselves a little religion and immerse ourselves in it in the hope that some cleverly worded tracts will bring people to us.

I was reading a post by a man named Bruce who describes this little religious world we create as the Christian Ghetto and I agree with him that we need to get out of our cozy little Christian circles and love the world.

If you don’t know what loving the world means, read Dan Edeler’s post on love here:

People are dying out there while we sit in our churches being religious and we need to do something about it.