Does God like rollercoasters?

Answer: I have no idea!

However, I have seen rollercoasters used in relation to the Christian faith twoce in the last 18 hours, so I just had to ‘get on board’ and do the same.

The first mention of rollercoasters and Christianity came yesterday while we were studying ‘The way of the Master’ ( Although it may sound like a Bruce Lee movie, the way of the Master is an evangelism training tool from Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. In our class last night, we watched a video in which Ray and Kirk were talking about fear.

The number one reason that Christians don’t share their faith is fear but yet, as they pointed out, we happily get on Rollercoaster rides which are created to try to scare us. Some fear we like, other fear we don’t like and it’s that fear that we need to overcome. It’s that fear that weakens us but, as the apostle Paul said ‘when I am weak, then I am strong’. You see, when we become weak, God’s strength can take over. We are no longer able to operate in our own strength and we can finally allow our strength to come from our almighty creator.

The second mention of rollercoasters and Christianity came in an excellent post that I came across by Chad Thompson (Read it here.) Chad talks about how our lives as Christians are like rollercoasters. Sometimes we feel we are soaring upwards and sometimes we feel we are plunging down into the depths. Sometimes the ride is smooth and sometimes it feels very bumpy. Through it all though, if we stay in the car, the designer has made it so we reach the right destination. If we decide the ride is too rough and jump off half way through, we’ll never get where the designer has planned for us to go (and we’ll probably get hurt in the process).

So does God like rollercoasters? I have no idea, but if they can be used to give people encouragement to step out in faith and to hold on through the storms of life, I’m sure He loves that!

 God bless,