We have donuts at our church!

We have a break between the worship and the ‘sermon’ when we munch on yummy donuts. (oh…. and we share fellowship together at the same time)

Due to certain factors, it has been about a month since I had donuts at church… and haven’t had donuts anywhere else.

Tomorrow I’m going to have a donut though!!!!

It’s probably a sad reflection on my attitude towards church that I’m more excited about the donuts than anything else – and I’m probably not alone in that.

Why is it that we don’t get excited about the prospect of joining with our brothers and sisters in Christ to meet with and worship our creator, savior and redeemer?

It’s sad that, in the west, we have become so mired in the culture of the world that we find it hard to get excited about anything that doesn’t directly bring us more wealth, prosperity and ‘happiness’.

Can you honestly say that you are not caught up in modern culture. That you don’t strive after the things of the world – a nice car, bigger house, new clothes, expensive perfumes/colognes,  vacations, expensive hobbies, as many different forms of ‘entertainment’ as you can find etc etc etc?

If you can say that, then you are probably one of the very few reading this who can.

If we put half as much effort into our relationship with God as we do our relationship with the things of the world, we would be so much different and, as a result, the world would be so much different.

A group of Chinese pastors came to America and were shown around by some pastors here. They were shown the church buildings and all the programs and activities, they were shown the huge parking lots and all of the ‘ministries’ of the churches here. As they were leaving, they thanked their hosts for allowing them to come and being so hospitable and generous to them and, reflecting on all they had seen, one of them turned to his hosts and said ‘I’m afraid that we have dealt with our persecution better than you have dealt with your prosperity.’

It’s true. We may not be persecuted in that we could be imprisoned or killed for our faith but we are definitely persecuted in that we have been given so much health, wealth and prosperity that we have lost our reliance on God.

We need to change. NOW.

Think about it!